The Basics

Professor: M. Lisa Yeo
Office: 306 Sellinger Hall
Phone (GoogleVoice): 415.496.LYeo (5936)
E-Mail: mlyeo at loyola.edu
Every email sent to the instructor should be respectful, concise and grammatically correct. The subject line should be descriptive. The body of the email should clearly state the question. Emails not meeting these standards or seeking information found in the syllabus may be ignored.

Office Hours: Mon & Wed 1:15-2:15 (or by appointment, use https://doodle.com/mlyeo to schedule. Please select 2 times when sending your request.)

Class times: Mon. & Wed. Section 04(SH004) 3 - 4:15pm; Section 05(SH004) 4:30 - 5:45pm

Course website: http://Moodle.loyola.edu(external link), 14/SP Information Systems (IS-251-05 & IS-251-06) and this wiki. Slides and other course materials will be posted to Moodle.

Course Text: R. Kelly Rainer, Brad Prince, Casey G. Cegielski (2014) Introduction to Information Systems, 5th Edition. Available in the bookstore and at Amazon. eBook is also available at CourseSmart

Additional readings: Additional readings will be a part of this course. These readings will be made available to you via Moodle.

Course Prerequisites: CS 111, CS 112, or CS 201 (or permission)

Additional Information: This term we will be using Piazza for class discussion. The system is highly catered to getting you help fast and efficiently from classmates and me. Rather than emailing questions to the me directly, I encourage you to post your questions on Piazza. If you have any problems or feedback for the developers, email team at piazza.com.

Find our class page at: https://piazza.com/loyola/fall2014/is251/home(external link)

Some notes

The course syllabus and all assignment descriptions will be posted here. The final syllabus will be made available no later than Sept. 1, 2014. Assignment descriptions will be posted no later than 2 weeks before they are due.

In this wiki, each group will be developing their report for the Strategic IT project. I will also be working on a sample report for my sample company, ACME Travel Inc. (ATI). I will do this to help you understand the key elements that will be required of you as you prepare your own company reports.

The Spring 2014 version of the project description can be found on the S14 Strategic IT Project page.

Presentation Schedule

Presentations will take place in the last two weeks of classes. We will draw for time slots in October.

See Fall 14 Strategic IT Project Presentation Schedule for the schedule.

Attendance at student presentations is mandatory. Missing a student presentation will have an adverse effect on your participation grade.

Fall 2014 Company Pages

not available yet

Spring 2014 Company Pages

Fall 2013 Company Pages

Spring 2013 Company Pages

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